Build smart construction saves you time, money and headaches

Everyone says they build smart. We have the results to prove it. At Design & Build Company, we have a time-tested tradition of building smart and applying innovation throughout the entire construction process. Because we specialize in Design-Build construction, we consistently deliver maximum value to you with the right solutions for your project.

Our history of construction innovation

In 19….., we helped invent the Design& Build construction delivery method to meet the project parameters of a build. In the end, we completed the first commercial Design & Build construction project .

Today, we find innovative ways to add value to you as often as possible. Add that to our common sense, listen-first-solution-second approach and no other company brings quite the same innovative construction processes to the table. It’s what gives us the ability to solve problems while they’re still opportunities.  We find the best tools for the job and deliver what’s right and best for you.

We align our teams to create your vision

Before we ever procure materials or swing a hammer, we listen to you. If you have any special financial requirements throughout your project, we take that into account before we start our work. We take the time to fully define the business goals you want to achieve through construction..

If you want a building that embodies the spirit of your company, we align our architectural design work to create that vision. Then, our team builds that vision.

Got an existing facility or campus master plan? We mesh our design and construction work directly into your big picture development plans. With that understanding and framework in mind, we can deliver value through a variety of innovative building solutions.

Value engineering and build smart solutions

Every job is different. And the tools we use for every job are different. By picking the right tools for the job, we save you time and money.

When it comes to design, we apply value engineering wherever possible to minimize costs and time schedules. We don’t design in a vacuum. And when we partner with outside architects, they don’t either. We use our complete knowledge of materials and construction to blend form with function and provide supreme efficiency throughout the building process. In all of our jobs, we fully balance aesthetics and corporate vision with budget and time schedule, delivering such solutions as this bank construction plan.

We can apply the full range of money and time-saving solutions. That can mean choosing the best mix of sustainable building materials or siting your new facility where it can take maximum advantage of an area’s natural resources. It could also mean suggesting a construction delivery method other builders may not have considered. Whatever the job requires, we use our complete team to review the possibilities and pick the solutions that save you the most money and time while delivering the facility you want and need.

We can give you a build smart second opinion

When other companies’ construction projects hit snags, we’re the team they turn to for solutions. Whether you face a design, material, process or schedule problem, we can help you solve it. We can apply solutions throughout a complete construction project or at strategic points in our Build Smart Second-Opinion Service. We’re a total team with all the skill sets, knowledge and experience to deliver a smart, money-saving job from start to finish. And we’re a reliable construction company that gets the job done on-time and on-budget.

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